Ken Pomeroy Debut EP

Some of the best Oklahoma musicians got together under one roof to support a young, inspiring musician: 14-year-old Ken Pomeroy.

Opening acts included John Calvin Abney, Ali Harter, and Carter Sampson.

The benefit concert was to kickoff support of Ken's debut EP, produced by one of my favorites, Kyle Reid.

Here's the video I made for her crowdfunding campaign:


And here's a link to her Indiegogo Crowdfund Page.

Filmed at the Shop at Skippy's.

Monster Truck

Sugar Free All Stars

The Sugar Free All Stars came to Nathan Poppe and I looking for a sweet Monster Truck video for a single they had coming out.

We mulled it around and decided we had to have a power wheels truck (it's really a Jeep). 

Nathan cooked up a great script and we got together one weekend and made the most absurd video I've made in a long time.

Monster Truck, legos, 40 school buses, green screen. And lots of pancakes.

Check it out and do stay until the end. The scene variety in this is pretty special.

Read Poppe's behind the scenes blog too!

I Like JD

When Nathan Poppe told me about this crazy-cool story of a woman flying halfway across the world for a concert, I had to find out more. We started emailing back and forth - and I was hooked and determined to tell this woman's story. 

So, why did she travel across the globe for the music of an Oklahoma man? The answer is different than I expected. Turned into a lovely story of hope.

Nathan and I tag-teamed this one not really knowing what to expect. We rolled into Guthrie, Oklahoma, early May 1, 2015. Lorna Dixon was an absolute treat and great to get to know. We filmed the interview the morning of the Queen of the Prairie Festival. Then stuck around for a live performance from JD McPherson and his band. Then for the big headline show that night. It was a long, crazy day and I think we walked away with a pretty compelling story.

I'm honored to have met Lorna and quite pleased with the outcome of this video. Definitely one of my favorites of the year! 

Also, read Nathan's article for more.