Behind the Scenes - Kevin Durant - Sonic Drive-In Commercials

You may have seen a couple of funny Sonic Drive-In commercials with Kevin Durant taking on the two goofy Sonic guys, TJ and Pete. These were filmed in Oklahoma City in March 2015 with local and outside crew. And I got to capture the behind the scenes video!

We filmed at a local Sonic and a nearby basketball gym. It was pretty crazy to see just how much goes into these commercials - tons of crew, lights, cameras, and assistants. Lots of people came together to make it happen.

KD was a total treat to work with. Honest and gracious in every step. He was really excited to meet TJ and Pete. I think the spots turned out pretty great. And a big thanks to Amanda Hyden for giving me the opportunity to help out.


KD with TJ, Pete and Clay (the director)

And now the commercials (directed by Clay Weiner and produced by Biscuit Filmworks):